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We are a certified non- state spa hotel and we use the local natural mineral springs and local soil resources which are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Peat wrap

Peat is widely used in balneotherapy (the use of bathing to treat disease). Many traditional spa treatments include peat as part of peloids. Such health treatments have a very long tradition in Europe, especially in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Some of these old spas go back to the 18th century, and they are still active today. The most common types of peat application in balneotherapy are peat muds, poultices, and suspension baths.

The peat we use in our spa centre comes from the Frantiskovy Lazne region. The peat is applied to the body at a temperature of between 42-43° C. and wrapped either partially or fully onto the body with blankets for a period of 20 minutes. The peat is then hosed off and the treatment may then be completed with a dry wrap. The heat from the peat improves the blood circulation rate and local metabolism, softening the muscles / connective tissues and having an anti-inflammatory effect.

Peat compress

On the suffering place is a special moorland wrap put on. Its temperature is between 42-46° C. It has positive effect on pain and muscle spasms relief.

Parafango wrap

Paraffin - peat pack is a mixture of moorland and Paraffin warmed up to a temperature of 45° C. That packs warm the muscles and joints, back, shoulders and knees. In the place of application it comes to the increased blood circulation and relief of soft tissues. We use the paraffin-peat pack for warming up before classical massages.

Paraffin wrap

Paraffin packs take advantage of the heat. The temperature is between 54-56° C. The local application of the heat relaxes the hands. The mixture seems to be hot, but the higher temperature is manageable with any problems. During this procedure you will put your hands into the hot bath and several layers of paraffin are formed. Warming up your hands release the pain of small joints of your hands, loosens the muscle tension and improves the nutrition of your tissues.

Warm compress

With this procedure the pack from moorland is heat up to 58° C,, put into a towel and applied on your back.


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