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We are a certified non- state spa hotel and we use the local natural mineral springs and local soil resources which are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


The electro therapy uses different forms of the electric power, we use the traditional electro therapy methods such as dynamics, interference stream, TENS, Träbert flow and Vacotron. The use of certain kind of electro therapy devices depends on required result - blood circulation of the fabric, loosening or stabilization of skeletal or smooth musculature, absorption of swellings or reduction of inflammatory features.


During this inhalation process the medicine is inhaled directly into the respiratory system and lungs where it helps to dissolve mucous and has a cleansing reaction. It is effective in the treatment of chronic respiratory conditions, allergies or the after effects of a cold or respiratory infection. We use the local mineral water.

Magnetic therapy

Magnet therapy is the application of electromagnetic devices. Permanent static magnets are applied on the body for health benefits. Magneto therapy uses electromagnetic pulses for such healing purpose. The limbs are placed into a special ring. Perhaps the most common suggested mechanism is that magnets might improve blood flow in underlying tissues. The field surrounding magnet therapy devices is far too weak and falls off with distance far too quickly to appreciably affect haemoglobin, other blood components, muscle tissue, bones, blood vessels, or organs. The clients, who have a Cardio stimulator are not be recommended to undergo this procedure.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is a regeneration procedure it is administration of oxygen as a medical intervention, which can be for a variety of purposes in both chronic and acute patient care. Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism, and in turn, tissue oxygenation is essential for all normal physiological functions. Loose radicals cause the premature aging of the cells and frequent illnesses. With this procedure the oxygen is inhaled and the saturation of the oxygen in the blood increases. The fabric and the organs are enriched with the oxygen, with which the physical and mental achievement rises. Also the heart function and the elasticity of lungs improve. It very positively affects the function of the brain.


The laser treatment is a special method with a use of ray of light. It has frequent effects – analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bio-simulating, hyper ämisierte (blood circulation improved) and anti ödematische .The ray of light gives energy to the cells in the lighting place and stimulates it for division. Thus it comes to the faster regeneration of the damaged fabrics. The laser contributes to the destruction of the bacteria and viruses. Owing to the heterogeneous spectrum of the effects the use of the laser is for therapeutic purposes very wide e.g. with skin-neurological and muscle illnesses.


The ultrasonic changes the electricity on mechanical and heat energy, it comes to the micro massage of the fabric. The frequency between 0,75 and 3 MHz makes a purposeful treatment for the deep and the superficial structure possible. That leads to the improved blood circulation and improvement of fabrics, loosening the muscle pain, softening scars and reduction of wounds. In the case of illness the movement apparatus works as analgesic and anti inflammatory effect.

Salt cave

The salt caves are one of method where we use salt from dead sea, which has preventive, healing, regenerating and relaxing effects in the place of salt caves. These parts contain minerals and trace elements, which are required for smooth function of the human organism; above all - magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, bromine, iodine, selenium, and further elements. The inhalation of such micro elements has a positive effect on air passages, eases expectoration and at the same time absorbs elements into blood circulation. It also has a favourable effect on our skin, on which microfilms of salts is created. We also may not forget favourable influence of the negative ionization on the human organism.


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