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We are a certified non- state spa hotel and we use the local natural mineral springs and local soil resources which are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Extract of peat bath

We use the local peat in our spas. This concerns a sulphur – ferrous containing peatland with the main component of reed. The peat is added to a mineral water called Erika. The whole body gets warmer during the procedure of bathing. The use of such bathing has a positive impact on our body – anagestics, bactericidal, viruzid.

Mineral bath

For the coal acidifying baths we use a nature mineral water Erika. The temperature of the water moves between 33-34° C, this concerns hypothermic bath. The feeling of the coolness disappears after few seconds, during which the vesicles of the CO2 on the surface of the skin form a connected film. Coal dioxide absorbs by the skin and causes in the organism a chemical reaction, which extends first the superficial, later also the deep veins. Generally speaking the blood circulation improves, lowers the blood pressure and increase the diuresis. Mineral baths are used among other things for illnesses of the movement apparatus, gynaecological and urologic problems.

Bubble bath

With the bubble bath the temperature of the water moves between 34-36° C. This temperature causes the relaxation of the body, and our soul, it increases the diuresis. The water under pressure by 0,15 MPa air is driven in, it develops tiny bubbles which give massage to our skin. This bath is recommended mainly when sleep disturbances, neurological diseases and illnesses of movement apparatus, including painful syndromes of the spinal column. The bubble bath lowers the muscle tone and psychological tension, has a good effect on healing of the scars and climacteric disorders.

Whirlpool bath

This concerns a complete body bath, temperature moves between 36-38° C. The water and air circulation result in massage. It has a positive impact on blood circulation of the limbs, the metabolism improves and it stimulate skin cells. The whirlpool has impact on lymphatic swelling, rheumatism, and post traumatic state. The bath is suitable for muscular atrophies, peripheral paralyses and for people who suffer from diabetes.

Kneipp - Therapy

The procedure consists of two small pools filled with hot and cold water. The guest ist changing his legs in both pools. The temperature is about 40 °C in one pool and about 12 °C in the other one. Due to the small pebbles on the bottom of the pool the soles of the feet are going to be massaged. The whole procedure promotes blood circulation in the legs and increases the body's resistance.


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