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Carbon dioxide therapy

We are a certified non- state spa hotel and we use the local natural mineral springs and local soil resources which are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

Gas injections

Gas injections are a kind of reflex therapy. We use 100% CO2 for medical use, which is stung under the skin (insufflations) (in the maximum quantity of 200 ml per one session). The instant feeling can be painful. However, within few minutes it disappears and it changes into pleasant feeling of warmth. The skin is slightly reddish. The CO2 causes an extension of the fine veins, which causes muscle relief and easing of pain. The nutrition of tissues is improved after repetitive use of gas injections.

Dry carbon dioxide bath

During the procedure you lie fully clothed, comfortably on a bed. You have the lower limbs and a part of the body in a plastic bag filled 100% CO2 for medical use. The gas is pumped into the bag which very slowly inflates and it is absorbed through the clothes and skin. First it comes to the extension of the skin veins, later also the deep veins. Due to this effect the blood pressure lowers. It improves blood circulation of lower limbs, it lowers inflammatory symptoms. The increased level of CO2 in the blood has a positive influence on kidneys function. The effects of the natural CO2 bath are nearly identical to the effects of the mineral bath, therefore also clients with skin disease can submit this procedure, which is given with no water.


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